Glossmeter Measure Car Paint Surface Gloss

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Regardless of the type of vehicle, a layer of car paint is always sprayed on the surface to protect the internal parts. In addition, the car paint also has the effect of enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle and increasing the visual effect. And its decorative effect mainly depends on the surface gloss of the car paint, which can be quantified generally by using a glossmeter.
       In addition to the different hardware facilities and performance of high-end cars and low-end cars, we can intuitively feel different levels of layering in appearance. Often high-end cars are more able to express the feeling of extravagance, while some cars appear low-end. In fact, from a professional perspective, there is a huge difference in the use of paint between the two vehicles. Generally speaking, car paint materials for high-end cars are more expensive, the gloss is extremely strong. The real car paint application process is also very different.
       Most high-end cars on the market use pearlescent paint, which looks very grainy and can reflect light. When touched, the paint on the car surface is not very heavy. The car paint surface feels extremely smooth without too many potholes. Low-end cars generally use ordinary car paint or metal car paint. Metal car paint often looks brighter, because it is also added with a suitable amount of metal powder. Therefore, when using a glossmeter to detect, it is easy to find that the gloss value of high-end cars is higher. As for the spraying process of car paint, this step of high-end car color paint will be done multiple times and streamline spraying.
       In addition to the basic materials for car paint, the coating technique is a factor we are more concerned about. Generally speaking, the raw materials of the car paint are stirred more evenly. The internal particles are finer and the final car paint will tend to be completely smooth. This smooth paint surface will have stronger ability to refract and reflect light, so the gloss value will be increased accordingly.
        Many people will still consider the color of the car paint when choosing a car, because the color of the car paint directly affects the overall characteristics of the vehicle. The most common reason people choose car paint colors is to meet their own aesthetics. There are usually more black vehicles on the street, because the black paint is often bright. It will shine very brightly under the natural light and the whole vehicle makes people feel solemn. However, if the gloss of the black car paint can not reach the standard value, it will appear strange color and seems to lack comfort. So this is also a great significance of the glossmeter in the field of car maintenance.
       The vehicle's paint has the same ability to reflect light, so we choose a glossmeter with an incident angle of 60 degrees. Linshang glossmeter is easy to operate and is a piece of cake for car maintenance professionals. And other audiences who want to buy a car or maintain the car at home can also operate freely. For example, the maximum and minimum gloss of car paint and the average gloss of car paint in different parts can be displayed on the instrument screen, which is conducive to intuitive comparison and judgment between car owners.