Glossmeter Used in Stone Purchase

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The glossiness of stone is often affected by both internal and external factors. The difference between high and low glossiness will directly affect the look and feel of the decoration. It will also lead to differences in sunlight transmittance and refractive index. As a professional gloss measuring instrument, the glossmeter can intuitively measure the specific gloss value of stone. It is often widely used in the industry.
       Before choosing a glossmeter, you first need to briefly introduce the specific factors that affect the stone gloss. We mainly start with the particle size of the stone and the grinding and polishing process. It should be mentioned that most stone materials are natural minerals, the particles are often not uniform. There is a huge difference in the overall size of the particles. In general, the smaller and more uniform the particles, the higher the gloss, that is, the stronger the ability to refract light. When we look at the stone from different directions, the visual gloss is also different, which is related to the structure of the human eye.
       The internal structure of the stone with strong gloss is dense, delicate and smooth to the touch. And the particle size is very uniform, which is closely related to the grinding process and polishing process. When people buy stone, they judge the glossiness by naked eyes. There will be a big deviation and the use of precision glossmeter will quantify a vague concept, giving people an intuitive choice. The low-gloss stone will become smooth after the modern polishing process and the gloss will also increase. We can use the glossmeter to detect its slight difference.
       The high-gloss, medium-gloss and low-gloss types of stone are the same in texture, only to meet the different needs of the owners and the difference in the degree of gloss is obvious. Normally, high-gloss stone can create a magnificent feeling, which can highlight the host's high-end taste, so people often see it in the hotel lobby or club lobby. This kind of high-gloss stone will attenuate the gloss level with the use of time. The slight changes can be detected by the glossmeter. The low-gloss stone comes with a restrained and generous temperament, people will choose this kind of stone when decorating their own homes. Both the owner of the stone shop and the worker of the stone processing factory will choose the glossmeter for measurement to mark the most accurate gloss value and other related parameters.


In most cases, the important role of the glossmeter in purchasing stone is irreplaceable. The glossmeter is an accurate instrument for measuring the surface gloss of materials. It can be used not only for stone, but also for common household goods and finished products such as paint and plastic films.
       If you want to measure the structure accurately without too much discrepancy, you must choose a high-quality glossmeter. Linshang glossmeter LS191 has been independently developed and is scientific and accurate. It can quickly analyze the stone material glossiness in a short time, which helps technicians determine the uniformity of the stone. With a large range, it can be used with different types of stone to measure and select gloss.