How to Choose Right Gloss Testing Equipment?

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1. What are the types of gloss testing equipment?

According to the different incident angle of the light source, the gloss testing equipment is divided into four angles of 20 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees. However, judging from the general standards of China's gloss detection, the three angles of 20 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees are mainly used in gloss testing equipments. From the functional point of view, there are mainly single-angle, double-angle and three-angle electronic gloss testing equipments.
       Generally speaking, the gloss testing equipments of many manufacturers will have some slight differences in function and range. This is because the manufacturers face different user groups, different customer needs. However, the three most common types in the market are 0 ~ 2000GU, 0 ~ 1000GU and 0 ~ 200GU. Different industries have different requirements for the measurement range of the gloss testing equipment, especially in industries such as paper, ceramics, metal coatings, and stone. Products are generally designed to meet the different needs of customers.

2. How to choose gloss testing equipment?

There are so many types of gloss testing equipment, how can we choose the right one? This is a big problem faced by many customers. In purchasing, how do customers know whether to choose a gloss testing equipment at 20 degrees, 60 degrees or 85 degrees? You can’t try them one by one and it ’s unrealistic to buy all three common gloss testing equipments. In fact, it doesn't need to be so complicated. You can make a quick and accurate choice by knowing a rough standard.
       The application range of the gloss testing equipment at different angles is different. The 20-degree specular gloss is mainly used on the coating surface. It is more appropriate to use a sample with a gloss higher than 70 GU. The 45 degree specular gloss testing equipment is mainly used in the detection of ceramic and enamel products. As for the 60-degree specular gloss testing equipment is used on the paint surface. This sample with a gloss of less than 70GU is more suitable. 85 degree specular gloss testing equipment is mainly used in paper and other fields, suitable for samples with glossiness below 10.
       After choosing the right specular gloss degree, we must consider the choice of the instrument. So there are so many gloss testing equipment products on the market, which ones are more reliable? Some customers will feel that the one with the highest price is the best. In fact, there must be a certain relationship between the quality of the product and the price, but we can't just value the price. The accuracy, function, range, repeatability and reproducibility of gloss testing equipment products all determine its value. Some manufacturers ignore some data on the marked parameters and remove the repeatability or reproducibility. If you find such a product, be careful. Regarding these parameters, there are certain specifications. The repeatability at 20 degrees is 3GU and the reproducibility is 4GU. The repeatability at 60 degrees is 2GU and the reproducibility is 3GU. The repeatability of 85 degrees is 1GU and the reproducibility is 2GU. When choosing a gloss testing equipment, do not ignore these data. These subtleties must be seen clearly so as not to be deceived!
       After understanding this, are you clear about how to choose the right gloss testing equipment? Master these skills, we believe that you will be able to practice a pair of hot eyes, choose the right gloss testing equipment!