Linshang LSI92 Gloss Meter Test Glass Coating Gloss

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1. What is glass coating?

Glass coating is to form a protective film on the painted surface of the car, so that the painted surface physically obtains a layer of invisible protective cover, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the painted surface.
       Glass cellulose is a chemical polymer material. Due to its high-density chemical properties, glass cellulose is used in the field of automotive beauty. The main component of this type of product is polysiloxane. After forming the film, it will form Sio2 commonly known as glass, so it is also called glassy coating. Glass cellulose coating has the characteristics of high gloss, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance and ultraviolet resistance. After coating the paint surface, the paint surface gloss is very good and the paint surface is isolated from the outside. 
       In the actual glass coating process, due to the relatively complicated construction process, it is easy for the glass coating to reduce the gloss of the paint surface, so we can use a gloss meter to detect it.

2. Linshang LSI92 gloss meter detect the gloss of glass coatings

n order to accurately evaluate the gloss of glass coatings and ensure the quality of automotive coatings, users can test the specific gloss value of glass coatings by using Linshang gloss meter. The following are the characteristics of the Linshang LSI92 gloss meter.

(1) Powerful and wide application

Linshang LSI92 gloss meter is a high-precision, miniaturized gloss measurement equipment manufactured in accordance with the ISO-2813 standard. It is suitable for testing gloss of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, stone, flooring and wooden furniture surfaces. It is a gloss meter produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations JJG 696-2002 "Mirror Gloss Meter and Gloss Board". All indicators meet the requirements of the first-class working machine in the measurement inspection regulations.

(2) Simple operation, accurate reading and reliable measurement

Just turn on Linshang LSI92 gloss meter, calibrate and measure in three steps (without preheating and zero adjustment) to complete the gloss measurement. And the measurement can display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation values at the same time, the result is intuitive and the measurement data can reach 99 groups. At the same time, in order to enhance the user experience, the Linshang LSI92 gloss meter supports USB transmission and can be operated online to complete the test report.
       The high accuracy of the LS192 glossmeter can ensure that it can pass the testing of any Chinese authoritative metrology institute. The test data of Linshang gloss meter can be compared with imported German BYK glossmeter. The surface gloss data of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, stones, floors, wood furniture and other materials measured by the LS192 gloss meter can guarantee a zero value error of 0.1GU; the displayed value error is 0-100GU : ± 1.5GU; 100-1000GU: ± 1.5% degree.
       In addition, when measuring the gloss of the glass coating, the area to be tested should be wiped clean. If the surface of the area to be tested is dirty, it will affect the gloss evaluation result.