Main Factors Affecting the Coating Gloss

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In everyday life, many items have gloss, such as ink, paint, marble, plastic, paper. When we choose coatings, we often choose products with higher gloss, because their beautiful appearance makes it easier for us to modify the furniture.
       It is difficult to distinguish the degree of gloss with the naked eye. When selecting, we should choose professional instruments in advance and measure the gloss according to the national gloss standard established by SIMT.

The main factors affecting the coating gloss:

1. The gloss of the same type of resin is also different. For example, the acrylic resin has the same gloss as the hydroxyl resin, which is related to the monomer used. The styrene monomer can increase the fullness and gloss of the paint film. The fullness of pure acrylic resin is usually not too good.
       2. Gloss is related to the pigments and fillers used. Pigments and fillers with large particle sizes usually have some extinction effect. The particle size is too small and the oil absorption is high and it also has a certain effect on gloss. The effect of fillers, basically all fillers will affect the gloss. However, we have also seen ultra-fine barium sulfate, which has basically no effect on the gloss and may even increase the gloss when added in the right amount.
       3. The effect of the dispersant is very large. If it is a color paint, the effect of the dispersant must be taken into account. After relevant tests, the same formula was used and different dispersants were used. The solvent also has a certain effect on the gloss. For example, the volatile system is too fast to dry, it will definitely affect the gloss. It may also cause whitening and haze.
       4. The pigments of different colors absorb and reflect light at different degrees. Because black paint completely absorbs light and white paint completely reflects light, black paint shows higher gloss than white paint.
       5. The type of solvent used in the paint directly affects the speed of volatilization.
       6. The gloss of the paint film surface depends not only on the flatness and roughness of the paint film surface, but also the angle of incidence of light will affect the gloss. The larger the angle of incidence, the higher the intensity of the reflected light. It is recommended to use Linshang gloss testing instrument-LS191 gloss meter to measure the coating gloss.
       7. The standard board is the main benchmark for measuring and calculating the gloss of the paint film, it will directly affect the accuracy of the sample gloss measurement, so it should be carefully stored to prevent surface damage.
       8. In the middle gloss area, the visual gloss is approximately linear with the gloss tested by the gloss meter; in the high gloss area, the visual gloss is often lower than that measured by the gloss meter due to the sharpness of the reflected image; in the low gloss area, due to the pigment (matting agent) ) Different additions and the degree of roughness of the paint film surface will make the visual gloss higher than the actual measurement result of the gloss meter.
       There are various factors that affect the gloss of coatings and the quality of coatings varies widely. When you want to use high-quality coatings, you must use professional gloss meter to test.



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