Paint Gloss Detector | Different between Paints

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In home decoration, in order not to erode the furniture, it will be painted with a layer of paint. Its specific gloss value can be detected using a paint gloss detector. 

Commonly used paints generally have primers and topcoats. Generally, primers play a role in sealing, isolating, preventing moisture and mildew. It is to cover the base layer of the wall and increase the grip of the wall. The final coating in the painting is the outermost layer, which has decorative and protective functions.

I. Difference between furniture topcoat and primer

1. Function

Primer and topcoat have different functions. Primer is used to fill the paint surface and support the topcoat. It can make the fullness of the wall better. And it can also reduce the cost of materials and save a lot of energy/

Then the topcoat is used to paint the surface layer of the wall. Using the method of brushing the topcoat to increase the paint film thickness, it plays a role in protecting the wall and also plays a very good decorative role in the indoor environment.

2. Performance

The performance of the latex primer and the topcoat are also different. The primer is mainly used to fill the pores of the wall and increase the coating layer thickness on the wall. The topcoat is mainly used to decorate and protect the wall. The gloss test of paint is also extremely important. Generally, the gloss value of paint can be used to test the specific value of gloss.

3. Ingredients

There is a certain difference between the composition of the primer and the composition of the topcoat. The primer is made of materials such as film-forming substances, solvents, fillers, etc. The topcoat is composed of solvents, additives and solvents. In fact, the difference in composition between the two is precisely an important factor in feeling their own characteristics, properties and uses.

II. Paint gloss detector application

The uniformity of the primer and the topcoat gloss is one of the price evaluation criteria. The more uniform the paint gloss, the higher the price. Conversely, the more uneven the paint gloss, the lower the price. When testing the gloss of furniture, you need a paint gloss detector that can analyze the uniformity of gloss in different locations. 

paint gloss detector

Paint gloss detector is a very widely used measuring instrument, whether it is paint, coating, ink, plastic, paper, ceramic tile, ceramics, stone, metal and other industries can be testing by this gloss measuring instrument.

III. LS191 paint gloss detector advantages

  1. Real-time measurement without pressing buttons, real-time display of measurement data.

  2. With environmental temperature compensation function, the value is stable, allowing long-period calibration. No need to perform calibration every time you turn it on.

  3. The national first-class machine standard ensures that it passes the inspection of any Chinese authoritative measurement agency.

  4. The paint gloss detector has an intelligent statistical function, which can automatically count the number of measurements, and automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value in the test data. The standard deviation value can quickly and easily analyze the uniformity of glossiness in different positions of a material.

  5. Small design, easy to carry.

  6. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, instrument ultra-low power consumption.

  7. Support USB transmission and provide special operating software. Linshang paint gloss detector can be online with the computer and complete the test report.