Paint Gloss Tester | Types of Furniture Topcoat

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Furniture can be painted, varnished or dyed to achieve the gloss it requires. Depending on the process, the furniture gloss can be detected by paint gloss tester

The furniture gloss paints can range from matte to high gloss. Throughout the process, you need to use a paint gloss tester to control the product gloss to ensure the consistency of the product batch. Then check whether the paint has been applied and dried correctly.

I. Types and characteristics of furniture paint

1. Nitro paint

Nitro paint is currently a relatively common coating for wood and decoration. Its main film-forming material is mainly nitrocellulose, which is composed of alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, amino resin and other soft and hard resins. It is the most furniture manufacturing worker. As you are familiar with, the specific gloss value can be tested using a paint gloss tester.

Advantages: good decorative effect, rapid drying, simple construction, good hardness and brightness.

Disadvantages: low solid content, insufficient fullness, it is difficult to form a thick paint film, so the protection of the paint film is insufficient, not heat resistant, not resistant to corrosion. The durability is not very good. 

2. Polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint is widely used in high-grade wood furniture and can also be used on metal surfaces. Its specific gloss can also be detected using a paint gloss tester.

Advantages: It has good fullness, hardness and transparency. And its paint film is tough and has good water resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Disadvantages: the construction process is complex, the requirements for the construction environment are very high, the paint film is prone to ills. And there will be problems such as blistering and powdering of the paint film.

3. Unsaturated resin paint

Unsaturated resin paint, the full name of unsaturated polyester resin paint, is a thermosetting plastic and a solvent-free paint, generally used to paint piano shells and various wooden furniture.

Advantages: mainly because the paint film is hard. And the paint gloss is tested to find that its gloss is relatively high, its hardness can reach more than 3H. It has good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance.

Disadvantages: the operability is more complicated. The initiator and accelerator must be added to play the role of curing. And the adjusted paint activity is very short and it only has bright products, no matt products.

4. UV curing paint

UV curing paint, also known as ultraviolet curing paint, is mainly composed of oligomers, monomers and additives, mainly including powder paint and water-based paint.

Advantages: It is one of the most environmentally friendly paint varieties at present. With extremely high solid content, hardness and transparency, low coating cost and high efficiency, which can almost reach dozens of times of conventional coating efficiency.

Disadvantages: equipment investment is large. And the effect is slightly worse than PU topcoat products.

II.  The gloss test of furniture paint

paint gloss tester

If the furniture paint gloss does not meet the expected requirements, it usually means that there is a problem in the paint or curing problem. The 60 degree angle paint gloss tester is widely used in the furniture industry. Customers usually use Linshang 60 degree paint gloss tester to measure the gloss of the furniture surface.

The Linshang 60 degree paint gloss tester can display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value at the same time. The number of statistics can be set from 1-99. Customers can analyze the uniformity of the furniture surface gloss through the standard deviation value. The smaller the standard deviation value, the more uniform the gloss.