SCA Optical Glue Optical Performance and Tint Meter

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SCA optical glue is simply a thermosetting glue. The characteristic of this kind of glue is that it will be cured under the condition of continuous heating. It has excellent light transmittance, clarity and adhesion. However, such products generally require high light transmittance, UV blocking and high infrared blocking characteristics. Tint meter is recommended to measure the visible light transmittance, UV rejection rate and IR rejection rate.

SCA optical adhesives are widely used, they can be applied to industries such as smart home, medical electronic applications, automotive military, full-fit applications, outdoor product applications and education applications. Therefore, they have different requirements on the visible light transmittance, the UV and IR rejection rate. SCA optical glue is widely used in outdoor products and education products.

SCA optical glue
SCA optical glue

1. Optical transmittance of SCA optical glue

The biggest feature of outdoor products is the aging, anti-vibration and explosion-proof performance of electronic components. So it is generally suitable to use SCA-TR optical glue. The use environment determines the characteristics of this glue are high light transmittance, high UV rejection rate and infrared rejection rate. Generally, the UV rejection rate and the infrared rejection rate is 55%-75% measured with a tint meter.

As educational products are generally used by students, SCA-AL optical glue is generally recommended. This kind of optical glue generally requires high light transmittance and high UV rejection rate and good anti-blue light effect. Generally, the blue light rejection rate is 50%-85%. The blue light blocking wavelength is 400nm-440nm. The UV rejection rate is greater than 90% and the blocking wavelength is 360nm-400nm.

SCA optical glue
SCA optical glue

2. Tint meter used to evaluate SCA optical glue performance

LS101 tint meter and LS108 light transmission meter are recommended to measure the optical performance of SCA optical glue. LS101 tint meter can be used to measure the visible light transmittance and the rejection rate of ultraviolet and infrared rays. If we want to know the anti-blue light effect of the SCA optical glue performance, LS108 spectrum transmission meter is recommended. LS108 spectrum transmission meter can measure the visible light transmission in 380-760nm, blue light transmission in 430nm, and purple light transmission in 395nm. We can also set the display from transmission rate to rejection rate. Three data can be obtained in one measurement.

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