UVC Light Meter for Medical Sterilization Test

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One of the specificities of this new coronary pneumonia is that it is highly contagious. According to experts, the main route of infection is through droplets. As the hospital's concentration of patients, timely disinfection is particularly important. At present, many hospital disinfection equipment use 253.7nm UV germicidal lamps.

253.7nm UV germicidal lamp can kill the bacteria in the air and the object surface. Although this germicidal lamp has a strong sterilizing ability, it will also decay with the use of more times. When the lamp tube decays to a certain degree, the sterilizing effect will be lost. 

There is also a problem that needs attention in the detection of germicidal lamps. Since 253.7nm ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible harm to the human body, it is necessary to take good protection during the detection. The Linshang UVC light meter LS126C fully considers this for the user, so that when people use this instrument, they won’t be exposed to ultraviolet rays during use. People need no protective tools such as protective clothing.

1. Why can the UVC light meter LS126C be 100% safe?

The Linshang UVC light meter has Bluetooth function. The uv light measurement equipment also has the function of automatically shutting down and recording data. You can let the inspector inspect the data in real time, or you can record the data so that the inspector can see the results. During the entire testing process, personnel do not need to appear under the lamp, which is extremely safe.

uvc light meter

LS126C UV light meter

2. The use of UVC light meter

  • After the instrument is turned on, click search on the mobile APP and connect to the mobile phone via Bluetooth;

  • Prepare the hook for installation, place the UV light meter on it, hang it under the lamp and press the measurement button to start measurement;

  • Leave the room, turn on the germicidal lamp and take out the phone to watch the data in real time;

  • After 10 minutes (the detection time can be set by yourself, 1-10 minutes is optional), turn off the germicidal lamp, turn on the instrument and view the measurement data;

  • Turn on the computer, install the provided software, connect the instrument to the computer with a USB cable, export the test data and generate a report for printing.

The above is the entire method of using the Linshnag UVC light meter. The operation is simple and the staff does not need to contact the UV. The detection is safer. The most difficult part of this new coronary pneumonia is our white angels. They rushed to the forefront and protected the patients at the risk of infection. The Linshang UVC light meter can also protect our nurses and doctors in some aspects to the greatest extent. 

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