Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Detection Standard

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Linshang Technology, as a professional manufacturer of light intensity meters, has many years of experience in testing UV germicidal lamps.

Why do we test germicidal lamps? Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of ultraviolet light source. It will attenuate as the use time increases. When it is used for a long time, the light source will gradually decay. When the attenuation reaches a certain level, the sterilization effect will be lost. This is why we need a professional light intensity meter.

1. How much of the data detected by the light intensity meter is qualified?

According to the third edition of the "Specification for Disinfection Technology", Volume 3 (Monitoring of the Effect of Ultraviolet Disinfection) issued by the Ministry of Health, it is clearly stipulated that the radiation intensity of a newly manufactured 30W ultraviolet lamp measured at a vertical 1m below the center should be ≥90μW / cm²; the lamp in use is regularly tested and the radiation intensity should be ≥70μW / cm². We can use a professional light intensity meter to read out accurate results.

light intensity meter

2. Detection time and replacement standard of UV germicidal lamp

The new lamp whose power is more than 90μW / cm² shoule be detected once every six months;

Once in use, the lamp should be tested once in the first quarter if it is greater than 70μW / cm² and less than 90μW / cm²;

After using a total of 1,000 hours, we should replace the new lamp regardless of whether the monitoring is qualified;

It must be monitored before passing the new tube.

3. UVC light radiation intensity measurement

When testing, turn on the UV lamp for 5 minutes. After it is stabilized, place the light intensity meter at the 1m below the center of the UV lamp. The instrument accepts the probe toward the lamp and irradiates for 1 minute before reading the data.

The above is the intensity and detection method of the UV germicidal lamp. Another important point is that people cannot touch the ultraviolet light source emitted by the germicidal lamp, which will cause irreversible harm to people. Therefore, it must be protected during the detection process or you can use Linshang LS126C light intensity meter. The LS126C light intensity meter is equipped with a 1-meter test hook, which eliminates the need for personnel to be on-site during testing.



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