UVC Light Intensity Test in Biological Safety Cabinet

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The biological safety cabinet is disinfected by 254nm ultraviolet germicidal lamp. If the ultraviolet radiation intensity is not up to standard,the ideal sterilization effect is not achieved. Therefore,the UVC meter is used to detect whether the energy and UV radition intensity value of the germicidal lamp meet the standard. Now, let't get to know the biological safety cabinet, why do we use 254nm germicidal lamp to sterilize it and how to measure uvc light.

1. What is biological safety cabinet?

The biological safety cabinet is an air purification negative pressure safety device.Its main function is to prevent aerosols from being contained in dangerous or unknown biological particles during the experimental processing operation.Biosafety cabinets are mainly used in microbiology, genetic engineering,biomedical,biological products and other industries.It is the most basic safety protection measure in the primary protective barrier in the laboratory.

2. Why do we sterilize biosafety cabinet using 254nm UVC?

biological safety cabinet
biological safety cabinet

The disinfection cabinet needs to be sterilized after using,otherwise the residual nutrient medium will provide growth conditions for the microorganisms.Cause certain toxins or have safety hazards.The most common way to sterilize on the market today is UV sterilization. Biosafety cabinets are divided into different models according to user needs, so the UV lamps used in biosafety cabinets are mainly 4W, 6W, 8W and the UV lamps used for sterilization are ozone-free UV lamps, specifically UVC with a peak wavelength of 254 nm. 

3. UVC radiation intensity requirements in biological safety cabinet

Ultraviolet rays can kill various microorganisms including mycobacteria,viruses,fungi, mycoplasma,etc. Any surface contaminated by the above fungi can use ultraviolet disinfection. The penetration of ultraviolet light is relatively weak and it can only directly kill the surface of the irradiated microorganisms.Therefore,we need to completely expose the disinfection site to the 254nm germicidal lamp during the anti-virus.

Under the same environment,if the energy value of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is not up to standard,it will not have a good sterilization effect. UV germicidal lamps for biosafety cabinets are generally required for irradiation intensity.The specific requirement is that the measurement data by the UVC meter reaches 100 μw/cm 2. However, the 70μw/cm2 ultraviolet germicidal lamp on the market accounts for 50%-80%.Compared with the Ministry of Health's disinfection technical requirements,the pass rate is less than 50%.

The UV radiation intensity of some 254nm ultraviolet germicidal lamps is less than 70μw/cm2 measured by UVC meter and even the 40μw/cm2 lamps is still in use. In fact, such germicidal lamps have no effect.It is said that the sterilization effect is not achieved. Because microorganisms are capable of repairing damage, substandard UV irradiators can only kill microbes and cannot kill them.Microorganisms are intact after the injury has been repaired.

UVC meter
UVC meter

4. How to measure uvc light?

To achieve qualified sterilization effect, use UVC meter to perform UV radiation intensity test in biological safety cabinet is very necessary. How to measure UVC light? We can get the help of professional UVC light meter with bluetooth such as Linshang LS126C UVC radiometer. Its spectral response range from 230nm-280m, the peak wavelength is 254nm. LS126C Bluetooth UVC meter has UVC light meter APP,which can monitor data wirelessly to avoid UV burns. The bluetooth transmission distance is 50 meters in an open place. And this UVC radiometer provides 1 meter hook. The specfic measurement steps are listed below:

  1. Step 1: Place the UVC meter on the 1 meter test hook and the probe has magnetic which can be fixed on the hook.

  2. Step 2: Short press the "POWER" button to turn on the uvc meter and the last measured data can be seen.

  3. Step 3: Short press the "POWER" button again to start a new measurement and hang the hook under the lamp.

  4. Step 4: Then we can turn on the 254nm germicidal lamp and leave the testing room.

  5. Step 5: Now ,we can view the real time UV radiation intensity on the UVC light meter App.

The measurement data is automatically saved when the UVC meter is turned off. The UVC intensity meter is equipped with USB communication port and dedicated PC software. After the measurement is completed,the measurement data can be exported and a report can be generated. And the digital signal is directly dealed on the probe and is not susceptible to interference,ensuring the measurement accuracy. 



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