How is UV Light Intensity Measured?

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In modern society, the application of ultraviolet light is almost universal in all aspects, from sterilization, fixed words, aging experiments, ambient light, non-destructive testing, nail plant growth, etc. The light source of the ultraviolet lamp has gradually evolved from the mercury lamp to the LED lamp at the beginning.
      Ultraviolet lamps have a feature is that after a long period of use, their intensity will be attenuated, so the intensity monitoring of ultraviolet lamps needs to be performed regularly. Ultraviolet monitoring is very professional and requires professional equipment. The LS125 UV light power meter is an instrument for monitoring ultraviolet light, which can simultaneously monitor the intensity and energy value. This instrument is equipped with 9 probes, which can measure UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV of mercury lamps and LED lamps. 

1. What is the method for monitoring the intensity of UV lamps?

As mentioned above, you need to choose a suitable UV light power meter according to the type and wavelength of the light source and periodically monitor the intensity of the UV lamp. When the intensity of the lamp is attenuated, you need to delay the UV irradiation time or replace the lamp . The Linshang LS125 uv light power meter has 9 probes.

2. How to choose a suitable Uv light power meter to monitor the intensity of UV lamps?

● Determine the type of light source, mercury lamp or LED lamp
● Determine the wavelength band of the light source, such as 253.7nm, 280nm, 313nm, 365nm, 405nm, etc.
● Custometers can accurately select the most suitable instrument for the light source based on the above conditions, or ask customer service for help.

3. How to use the Linshang LS125 uv light power meterto monitor the intensity of UV lamps?

uv light power meter

● Place the probe of the instrument in the actual position
● Short press the power button to turn on the light source.
● Measure according to the actual time used. Press HOLD button to save the data at the end of the measurement.
● View the data, you can view the real-time power, maximum value, minimum value, average value and energy value.
The above is the method for monitoring the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp. The most important thing is to select an uv light power meter suitable for the light source. Then the UV light intensity can be measured according to the actual position, distance, etc. In this way, accurate data can be obtained in actual measurement.

If you want to know about uv intensity units conversion, please read "UV Intensity Meter Measuring Principle and UV Intensity Unit".



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