How to Check Whether the UV of Air Disinfector Meet the Standards?

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Since the outbreak of the new coronavrius pneumonia, there has been a shortage of disinfection and sterilization products across the country. The air sterilizer also enters the public's field due to its convenient use and high sterilization characteristics. There are many working principles in the air sterilizer. The more common ones are ozone technology, ultraviolet lamp sterilization, activated carbon filtration technology and photocatalytic principle.

At present, the air disinfection machine can be used for dynamic disinfection of indoor air in various public places such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, pharmaceutical factories, farms, food factories, catering industries. This instrument allows humans and machines to coexist (in the absence of ozone). There are relevant regulations for the UV leakage outside the air disinfection machine. During use, the UV intensity at 30cm around the air disinfection device should not be higher than 5μW / cm². We can use a professional UV light measurement equipment to check whether the UV leakage outside the air disinfector meets the standards.

1. The sterilization principle of ultraviolet air sterilizer

The air sterilizer based on the principle of ultraviolet lamp sterilization can irradiate microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria in the air by UVC short-wave sterilization ultraviolet rays (200-280nm). UVC ultraviolet rays can destroy the DNA structure in the microorganisms, so that it loses its ability to reproduce or immediately dies. This uvc meter is also widely used in medical industry.

2. Harm of ultraviolet rays to human body

Human exposure to ultraviolet light can cause skin redness, swelling and pain. Prolonged exposure can even cause skin cancer and tumors. In addition, ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the human eye. Short-term exposure to ultraviolet light can cause redness, swelling and tearing in the human eye. Prolonged exposure can cause conjunctivitis and cataracts. Therefore, it is necessary to control the external ultraviolet leakage indicator of the air disinfection machine. This indicator can be detected by using a professional uv light measurement equipment.

3. The use of uv light measurement equipment 

UV light measurement equipment

The uv light measurement equipment can receive ultraviolet rays through the uv sensor and display the ultraviolet intensity value through the data. When using, you need to place the probe 30cm away from the air outlet of the air sterilizer. If the test result obtained by using the UV light measurement equipment is lower than 5μW / cm², it indicates that the UV leakage outside the test sample is in compliance with the standard and will not cause harm to the human body.

The air sterilizer can quickly and effectively remove viruses and bacteria in the air, reduce secondary air pollution caused by air flow between various occasions and protect human health. If the customers use uv light measurement equipments, ozone concentration monitors and other professional equipment can be more reasonable, it can better control various indicators harmful to the human body and achieve true human-machine coexistence.



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