UVC meter Applied in Medical Industry

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The medical and health industry often requires an absolute sterile environment. This condition requires ultraviolet light to achieve. The UVC meter can detect the intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the hospital and has a key role.

Hospitals and disease control centers often use ultraviolet light for sterilization and disinfection. Whether it is a closed environment (such as operating room, dressing room) or air disinfection, ultraviolet light plays an important role. So what kind of ultraviolet ray should we use for sterilization? How to measure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation with an UVC meter?

Usually, we classify ultraviolet rays into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C according to the classification mode of long wave and short wave. The most commonly used model in the medical industry is the UV-C. This kind of ultraviolet germicidal lamp has excellent sterilization effect and less time loss. The actual role of the UVC meter is fully reflected, that is, the actual radiation intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is quickly and accurately detected to help people judge whether they meet the requirements of disinfection and sterilization.

UVC meter

The sterilization effect of UV germicidal lamp is relatively abstract and should be extremely strange to people. A virus is a substance with a simple structure. It is often pathogenic to the human body. The structure of the virus is the outer shell and the inner genetic material. If the genetic material is DNA, the virus is a DNA virus. If the genetic material is RNA, the virus is an RNA virus.

In general, DNA will be more stable than RNA (because DNA has a double helix structure and RNA has a single helix structure). The high-intensity energy radiated by ultraviolet rays can penetrate the virus shell and damage the genetic material inside. It is crucial to use an UVC meter to detect the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and give people an intuitive data reference.

Sterile environment refers to an environment where no pathogenic bacteria and other common bacteria exist. It can prevent patients and hospitals from infecting each other and reduce the spread of disease. When creating a sterile environment, practitioners in the medical industry will choose the ultraviolet band with the broadest spectrum or the most efficient sterilization effect.

In addition, the ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the hospital will be regularly inspected according to the regulations. When we use the UVC meter to detect, we will easily find that the energy radiated by the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is gradually attenuated. This is because the ageing problem of UV lamps often occurs. Aiming at this point, the maintenance staff also needs to regularly choose a professional UVC meter for inspection, regular maintenance and timely replacement of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

Working staff of medical health industry and disease control center often use UVC meter to eliminate some inferior and aging ultraviolet germicidal lamps to ensure the efficient killing of pathogens and eliminate potential threats in medical and health. Therefore, a high-quality, high-precision UVC meter is the basis for ensuring a qualified medical environment.

Linshang UVC meter LS126C can achieve intelligent ultraviolet intensity measurement and quickly display data, which can meet the measurement needs of ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity in hospitals. The maintenance and replacement of ultraviolet germicidal lamps have a high reference value.

Linshang Technology as a UV meter supplier also provide UV meters for UV-A and UV-B wavelengths, if you need to test different UV light, LS125 multi-probe UV meter is your best choice. 

If you don't know how to select the best UV intensity meter, please read "How to Select the Best UV Light Meter For Your Application".



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