Methods to Kill New Coronaviruses and Choice of UVC Meter

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In early 2020, everyone was affected by the new coronavirus and forced to stay at home. So what exactly is the new coronavirus? Coronavirus is named for its crown-like shape because of its appearance. The diameter of this virus is between 80nm-120nm and the total length of the virus is about 27KB-32KB. This virus only infects vertebrates, such as poultry, humans, livestock, etc.

1. What are the methods to kill the coronavirus?

(1) High temperature kills new coronavirus

To kill a new coronavirus is simply to destroy the envelope of the virus. The new coronavirus is afraid of high temperature, so we can kill virus by high temperature. For example, we can boil sterilized items in boiling water. When the temperature exceeds 75 degrees Celsius. Coronaviruses can be easily killed in less than 30 minutes. 

(2) Use alcohol for disinfection

When disinfecting with alcohol, you must remember that the alcohol content is above 75%, because the alcohol content is too low to kill the coronavirus. You can also kill the virus with disinfectant.

(3) Using UV to kill new coronavirus

The UV germicidal lamp is actually a high-pressure mercury lamp. The reason why it can kill viruses is because the lamp can emit ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7nm. The 250-260nm wavelength in the spectrum has very good sterilization effect. The wavelength of this band can destroy the chromosome of its coronavirus and can act as a photochemical agent. UV disinfection is also the most widely used and effective way.

2. Detecting the germicidal lamp with uvc meter

The reason why ultraviolet rays can kill coronavirus is not only related to the wave band, but also has a great relationship with the energy value and the duration of irradiation. If the ultraviolet energy does not reach the standard or the duration of irradiation is insufficient, it can only kill cells and not kill the coronavirus. The virus has a strong ability to repair itself and will recover after a period of time. It is equivalent to doing useless work. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the energy of the germicidal lamp is qualified by using an uvc meter.

uvc meter

Although the above ultraviolet rays can kill the new coronavirus, but the damage to the human body is very large, so what kind of uvc meter is the best? LS126C is strongly recommended for the following reasons:

  • The LS126C UVC meter has a Bluetooth function, which can wirelessly connect to the APP to detect data in a safe area. It is very safe and can avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays during data detection.

  • LS126C UVC Meter has rich intelligent statistics functions. It is convenient to measure the maximum, minimum, real-time value, measurement duration, time, etc. You can also view historical data.

  • Equipped with one-meter hook of relevant national regulations. The instrument can be directly measured on the hook.

  • LS126C uvc meter can be set to automatically shut down and save data automatically. The instrument achieve truly unattended measurement.

  • LS126C UVC Meter uses high-precision UVC filters and professional UV sensors to eliminate the influence of UVA and UVB light intensity on data.

  • LS126C uvc meter can be connected to a computer to print test reports for easy archiving. At the same time, a digital probe is used to make the measurement data less susceptible to interference.

The Linshang uvc meter has full functions and convenient measurement, which is your best choice for UV intensity measurement!



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