Surface Gloss Meter of Wide Measurement Range

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In industrial production, the application of metal involves all aspects. There are many aspects to detection, including one for glossiness. Metal is a kind of high-gloss material. When testing its gloss, a special large-range gloss meter is needed. The LS192 surface gloss meter is a gloss testing equipment with wide measurement range.
      The measurement range of LS192 surface gloss meter is 0-1000GU. This instrument is used in many hardware factories, stainless steel factories, glass factories, etc.The instrument conforms to the national standard working machine standard. It can be sent to the Chinese National Metrology Institute for inspection.

1. Features of the Linshang surface gloss meter

(1) Can be connected to the computer and generate test reports;

(2) It has the self-diagnosis function to ensure that measurement deviation will not be caused by the standard board fouling;

(3) With statistical functions, the maximum value, minimum value and average value of the data will be displayed on the interface;

(4) Equipped with temperature compensation function to ensure accurate measurement when the ambient temperature difference changes greatly;

2. How to use the surface gloss meter?

surface gloss meter

(1) Check whether the standard plate of the base is clean. When cleaning is needed, use the lens wipe cloth provided.

(2) Buckle the host and the base together. Short press the power button to turn on the instrument;

(3) After the instrument passes the self-test, it will automatically enter the measurement interface;

(4) Take out the host of the instrument and place it on the tested material. The gloss will be displayed on the interface immediately;

(5) After measuring the data, press the power button briefly to save the test data;

(6) After the measurement is completed, the host will be buckled back to the base. The instrument will automatically turn off after 15 s.

The above are the characteristics and specific operation methods of this instrument. Linshang surface gloss meter is very cost-effective among similar products. Its measurement data can be compared with gloss meter BYK, but the Linshang gloss meter price is much lower than the other gloss meters with same performance.



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