Handheld Gloss Meter Helps Improve Production Quality

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After polishing a floor or other surface, we usually need to objectively assess the object surface gloss to determine if the work is done efficiently. You may need to compare the gloss of different places on the surface of the same object and eliminate any unevenness in gloss.
       From experience, you may already know that it is actually quite difficult to accurately evaluate the gloss of a surface with the naked eye. The hand-held gloss meter can help us. It can read the object surface gloss and display the data on the interface. Gloss meter is a powerful tool to ensure the quality of your work. You can also show your work to the customers with a hand-held gloss meter.
       For measuring surface gloss, the handheld gloss meter LS192 is very popular on the market. This measuring device was originally developed for measuring gloss on various surfaces. Currently, the LS192 handheld gloss meter is being used to evaluate the gloss of masonry finishes, floors, stone surfaces, coated surfaces, prints, paints and inks, leather, rubber, ceramics, films and other objects.
       The LS192 handheld gloss meter measures gloss and displays the result as a value within one second. It eliminates subjectivity and helps to ensure uniform production quality. The LS192 handheld gloss meter improves product reliability in all cases and can also be used for quality control.

handheld gloss meter

Linshang LS192 handheld gloss meter is a high-performance instrument. It is small in size, easy to carry out and operate. The instrument is equipped with special computer software, which can record 99 groups of data on the software and generate test reports. The instrument displays real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation. Standard deviation can be used to analyze the uniformity of the object surface gloss. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform the gloss.
       All you need to do is place the meter on the measured surface and the measurement is done. If you need to store data, you need to press the power button once for each measurement. Gloss is displayed immediately and stored in the instrument.



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