Advantages and Application of Smart Glossmeter

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The so-called smart glossmeter is a glossmeter with intelligent features. Which glossmeter on the market can really be called a smart glossmeter?
       The Linshang LS192 glossmeter is well deserved. What kind of intelligent advantages does this glossmeter have? In what field is such an excellent glossmeter used?

1.  Advantages of smart glossmeter

(1) Power-on self-test

The instrument comes with the standard board. The instrument will self-test when it is turned on. If everything is normal, it will enter into the test interface. If it fails to pass the self-calibration, the instrument will prompt the standard board is dirty. Then you can clean the standard board with provided professional cleaning cloth.

(2) Fast measurment

The measurement is very simple, that is, you can measure immediately. If you want to see the gloss of any part, you can place the instrument on any part. Once the smart glossmeter is placed on the object, the glossiness measurement data will be displayed on the interface immediately.

(3) With data statistics function

Each time you press the button on the instrument during each test, you can count the data once. The screen will automatically record the number of test data, the real-time value of the currently recorded data, the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation. .

(4) Support USB data transmission function

The Linshang smart glossmeter comes with operating software. The instrument can be operated by software and complete test report after connecting with computer

2. Application fields of smart glossmeter

Linshang smart glossmeter has a wide range of applications. Due to its compact appearance, easy operation and versatility, it can be used in both professional R & D experiments and production lines. It is favored by many people in the stone, paper, metal, furniture, paint, ceramics and other industries.

smart glossmeter

All conventional Linshang instruments provide one year warrenty. The Linshang smart glossmeter is welcomed by most customers after receiving the goods. It is easy to use and has a lot of functions and is very practical.