Leather Gloss Measurement and Maintenance Method

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1. Is there a standard for leather gloss?

Leather is denatured and non-perishable animal skin obtained through physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. At present, there are mainly two types of leather products on the market: genuine leather and artificial leather. Different leather products have different requirements for surface gloss in order to adapt to different application scenarios.
       Such as some leather shoes, you need a relatively high gloss. And some leather sofas, in order to enhance the surface anti-staining ability, they will choose a relatively low gloss leather.


However, China currently does not have clear requirements for the gloss of leather. Different manufacturers will test the gloss according to the needs of actual products.

2. How to measure the gloss of leather?

For testing the gloss of leather, you can use Linshang gloss meter LS192. Linshang gloss meter LS192 is an instrument for measuring the surface glossiness of objects. It has a wide range of applications. Rubber, ink, leather and various textile products. Different angles of incidence are used to measure the gloss of leather and the results are also different. The larger the angle of incidence, the greater the specular reflectance and the higher the gloss. The 60-degree angle generally used on the market is like the general-purpose 60-degree gloss meter LS192 from Linshang Technology. Materials can be tested because the gloss is a relative value. When there is no uniform standard in the applied industry, it can be tested with the LS192 gloss meter. If the industry has a uniform standard, it is best to use the same angle of testing. Therefore, when selecting the measurement angle, you should choose differently according to different situations.

3.  How to maintain the gloss of leather?

When the leather sofa is seriously polluted, not only the original luster will be lost, but dirt will penetrate into the leather pores. Before cleaning in the previous process, clean these dirt. At this time, a special steam engine and a special cleaning agent for cleaning the sofa may be used.

gloss meter
Gloss meter for leather gloss measurement

After cleaning, a layer of protective fluid should be applied to the sofa to prevent dirt from penetrating into the pores of the cortex again to form secondary pollution. The protective liquid is better to use a special liquid soft wax for the dermis, otherwise the cortex will harden and age quickly.
       Do not place leather furniture in direct sunlight, or near a radiator or stove, otherwise the leather material will lose moisture and change; pay attention to avoid scratching the leather of shoes or metal parts of the leather, try to avoid pets approaching; once a week or scrub the dust twice with a dry cloth and use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dead ends.
       Before using the leather sofa, you need to apply a protective film on the maintenance wax. This can effectively prevent dirt and sweat from getting into the pores of the sofa, otherwise it will be difficult to clean it later. There are many cleaners that damage the cortex. It is difficult to see when you first use the cleaner and problems may occur over time.
       Use maintenance oil to maintain the leather sofa. Maintenance leather sofa can be coated with a layer of leather maintenance oil. If there is no maintenance oil in the home, it can be replaced with a leather jacket oil or colorless jacket oil with the same color as the sofa. 



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