Application of UV Lamp Intensity Meter

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Ultraviolet sterilization is widely used in more and more fields. Among them, ultraviolet lamps are the most common and have now entered the homes of ordinary people. So what is UV, what is its sterilization principle, and how is its strength determined? The following will take you to further understand.

1. Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet light is a general term for radiation with a wavelength of 100 to 400 nanometers in the electromagnetic spectrum. It can be divided into three types: UVA (wavelength 320 to 400 nanometers), UVB (wavelength 280 to 320 nanometers) and UVC (wavelength 100 to 280 nanometers). 

2. The principle of ultraviolet sterilization

The principle of ultraviolet sterilization refers to the use of free electromagnetic radiation by ultraviolet rays, which mainly affects the microscopic DNA and causes it to be destroyed. The ultraviolet affects other biochemical reactions such as proteins, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization. It has been found through research that the ultraviolet wavelength is about 253.7nm, which has the largest bactericidal effect.

3. Application fields and problems of artificial UV germicidal lamps

In recent years, a variety of new artificial ultraviolet germicidal lamps have been continuously introduced. The application of ultraviolet irradiation lamps has also been expanding. In addition to common surface disinfection, air disinfection, it is now also used in drinking water disinfection, sewage disinfection, restaurant disinfection and so on. But at present, the most common problem with ultraviolet germicidal lamps is that the radiation intensity attenuation of the lamp tube is not taken seriously. It is believed that as long as the lamp tube is on, it will have a disinfecting effect. For the quality of the lamp tube, it is still used as an ordinary fluorescent lamp. 

4. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp detection by the uv lamp intensity meter

uv lamp intensity meter

Take the hospital ultraviolet germicidal lamp as an example, because ultraviolet rays are harmful to human skin, during the test. In order to avoid direct contact, here we choose Linshang LS126C uv lamp intensity meter for testing, this instrument is equipped with a test tray and hook as standard. According to WS / T 367-2012 "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions", the instrument is placed at the center of 1 meter under the lamp tube for testing. You can connect the mobile phone to remotely monitor the data through the APP. Then record the real-time power intensity value of the germicidal lamp. The intensity of the new lamp tube must be greater than 90μW / cm², the intensity of the old lamp must be greater than 70μW / cm². The power curve can also be derived, a more intuitive analysis of the lamp is qualified. Therefore, it is the simplest and effective way to detect the quality of the lamp tube by the uv lamp intensity meter.