Gloss Measurement Tools | Performance of Different Household Tiles

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When purchasing domestic tiles, we must ensure the basic quality and the aesthetic effect. Both of these are directly derived from the gloss of the tiles, which we generally measure with a gloss measurement tool.

As the largest proportion of the house, ceramic tiles are often carefully considered during the decoration process. Generally speaking, most people are more willing to choose a brand tile company for the basic quality guarantee of tiles. The specific styles and models will be determined according to their own aesthetic ideas and decoration styles. This is closely related to the gloss of the tiles which can be reflected using a gloss measurement tool .
        Household tiles on the market are mixed. We can also divide them into several categories according to different standards. For example, there are common polished tiles, matte tiles, marble and glazed tiles. These stones are not only different in color, style and gloss, but also the gloss is not uniform. Therefore, the final decorative effect is often very different. This article mainly introduces the performance of different kinds of tile with the gloss measurement tool.
        The basic materials of polished tiles are clay and stone powder, which are well mixed. After the professional firing process, it will become a bright tile with consistent brick surface. This polished tile does not require additional glazing and only needs to be polished to show a smooth and new effect. Its decoration performance is very strong, it looks just as beautiful and elegant as a mirror, which is very suitable for the magnificent room decoration.
        As the name suggests, the matte tile is a type of tile with low gloss. Its material is relatively tight and highly hydrophobic. The overall appearance is very textured. Water droplets will not be quickly absorbed on such tiles, that is, the water absorption of matte tiles is not high. Because the gloss is not strong, it can create a low-key, restrained decoration style.
        Vitrified tile is also called full tile and its texture is very dense without any porosity. Its manufacturing process is quite different from other ceramic tiles. It does not need polishing, but the surface still looks clean and bright. We can get a medium value when using a gloss measurement tool, but vitrified tiles are a strengthened polished tile.
        Glazed tile is also a relatively common type of household tile. Its color is very complicated and its protective performance is also very good. We can be divided into two kinds of matte glazed tiles and glazed tiles according to the difference in glossiness. It should be noted that areas such as kitchens with large oily properties are very unsuitable for matte tiles. When the interior of the matte glazed tile enters, it becomes difficult to clean. Over time, this kind of tile will give people a dirty feeling.
        Marble tiles are no stranger to the general public. Its patterns are very rich and they are most commonly used for home floor decoration. It can be said that the pattern of each marble is not the same, so this marble tile can attract people's attention. Its gloss can be divided into high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss. The specific degree is selected according to the homeowner's own needs. The gloss measurement tool  can be used to improve the accuracy of the data.
        After the basic comparison of the above types of ceramic tiles, we can know that the gloss measurement tool is an indispensable instrument for measuring the gloss performance of domestic ceramic tiles. The modern gloss measurement too  has the characteristics of high standards, high performance and high precision. The measurement method is simple and easy to understand. Intelligent measurement greatly improves efficiency, which is convenient for real-time applications in various industries.

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