Measuring wood gloss with a digital gloss meter

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Gloss is the brightness of light that is reflected when the light is reflected on the surface of the object. It is an important indicator to describe the fine structure and visual characteristics of the surface of the material. Gloss is often used to describe the visual appearance of an object. To control the quality of the product, a digital gloss meter is required to measure the gloss of the wood surface.
      The surface gloss of wood and wood coatings was measured by reference to the Chinese National Standard "Test Method for Gloss of Furniture Surface Paint Films" (GB 4893.6-85). The measurement was carried out using a digital gloss meter with a geometrical condition of 60° specular reflection, the incident direction being parallel to the wood grain and perpendicular to the wood grain. The measurement can be performed using a
digital gloss meter LS191.

LS191 digital gloss meter

Digital gloss meter LS191 has measuring range 0-200GU and 60 ° universal type measuring angle, the accuracy reaches the national first-class machine standard. The biggest feature of this LS191 digital gloss meter is the ability to intelligently count the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviations during the test. With this function, the uniformity of gloss in different positions of the same piece of wood can be quickly analyzed.



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