Cheap Gloss Meter At Best Price

Time:2019/05/13 08:52:00 Browse:826

One thing that most people concern is the price of the gloss meter.  Today, we will introduce a cheap gloss meter. The cheap gloss meter LS191 is mainly used to measure the gloss of materials and products. Such as decoration materials, building materials, paints, plastic materials, stone products, film paper, printing ink. It is also a versatile instrument:

  1. With intelligent statistics function: LS191 can automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and mean square error value during testing. 

  2. With temperature compensation function: Under different temperature conditions, the portable gloss meter LS191 will automatically adjust the luminous efficiency of the light source and the value is more stable. 

    191 gloss meter PC software

  3. PC software: equipped with dedicated computer software, support USB transmission and print test reports.

Linshang LS191 gloss meter is a cheap gloss meter comparing the other brand gloss meters in the market. It only cost $165 for the LS191 gloss meter with 200GU measurement range. The operation is very simple and there is no need to press the button during measurement. The low price combined with simple operation and powerful functions make the LS191 popular among customers.