How to Use a Gloss Meter

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Sheen gloss meter can be widely used in various industries, mainly for detecting the gloss of the surface of materials. So how to use a gloss meter? What areas can the gloss meter be applied to?
    At present, the Linshang LS192 sheen gloss meter is a 60-degree universal gloss meter, which can be widely used in paint coatings, decorative materials, building materials, plastic materials, ceramic products, stone products, bamboo and wood products, leather shoes, film paper, printing ink. Measurement of surface gloss of materials in many fields such as automobile maintenance, molding dies, and metal plating.
How to use a gloss meter?
    1. First press the power button to turn it on.
2.After the sheen gloss meter is turned on, the sheen gloss meter will automatically diagnose whether the standard board is clean. If the standard board is found to be dirty, it will prompt "Please clean standard".
    3.If the standard board is clean, it will prompt if calibration is needed. Press YES to calibrate. If you press NO, it will not be calibrated.
    4.After the sheen gloss meter enters the test interface, the gloss data of the placed position can be displayed instantly. If you need to record the data and add it to the statistics database, you need to press the unique button.
    5.The sheen gloss meter can display the gloss real-time value, current recorded value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation value and number of statistics (as shown).

LS192 sheen gloss meter
How to Use a Gloss Meter

6. After the test is completed, place the instrument on the base of the standard board and automatically shut down after 15 seconds.
In addition to the wide range of applications, the Linshang sheen gloss meter also has the many other advantages, more details please refer to "
Linshang Gloss Meter".



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