Surface Gloss Meter for Automotive Beauty Industry

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The Linshang surface gloss meter LS191 is based on the principle of light reflection to test the strength of the object surface gloss. Use numbers to indicate how close the object is to the mirror. To compare the gloss of the different objects surface or the gloss of an object before and after use. The gloss of object surface can be easily judged by surface gloss meter LS191.
   Since the gloss measuring instrument can effectively measure the gloss of the paint film. It is now more and more used in the automotive beauty industry.

surface gloss meter

Linshang LS191 surface gloss meter test the car paint gloss

The specific performance is as follows:
1.The car paint cut and chromatic aberration are very obvious. If the gloss is different, it is glaring. Surface gloss meter LS191 can easily test the consistency of paint gloss.
2.Some owners will apply a film on the car paint surface to protect the car paint gloss from attenuating. It can also protect the paint surface. .
3.There are many car owners who choose to use the original color cover. Generally, the light transmittance is very good, but the clarity should not affect the original car paint surface gloss. At this time, you can use the surface gloss meter LS191 to judge the gloss index of each color.