Advantages and selection considerations of UVC ultraviolet radiation meter

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The Linshang UVC ultraviolet radiation meter LS126C is an instrument specially used to test the intensity of 253.7nm ultraviolet germicidal lamps. Compared with other UVC ultraviolet radiation meters of the same type. 

LS126C Ultraviolet radiation meter has the following advantages

  1. UVC ultraviolet radiation meter LS126C, equipped with a hook of 1 meter. The instrument can be placed on the iron plate of the hook when testing, and the measurement is more convenient.

  2. With statistical functions, it can record and display the maximum, minimum, real-time values of the test, you can analyze the intensity stability of the lamp.

  3. It has a 10-minute automatic shutdown function and can display the last measurement result after the next power-on. The testers can leave the site during the test to avoid UV damage.


  4. With Bluetooth APP function, testers can leave the field to monitor the real-time data detected by the mobile phone.

  5. LS126C UVC ultraviolet radiation meteralso presented computer software, you can connect to the computer and print test report, convenient for customers to archive.

The following precautions are taken when purchasing

  1. Before buying, first confirm the type of UV light source to be measured. Different types of light sources require different ultraviolet radiation meters. The ultraviolet rays are mainly classified into three types: UVA, UVB and UVC.

  2. If it is confirmed that it is a UVC light source, it is necessary to confirm whether the wavelength of the ultraviolet light source is within the spectral response range of 254 nm. The spectral response range of the UVC ultraviolet radiation meter LS126C is 230 nm-280 nm, and the peak wavelength is 254 nm. If the UV source is not within this range, the data measured by the instrument will be inaccurate or may not be detected.

  3. Finally, confirm the intensity range of the ultraviolet light source. The different ultraviolet radiation meters have different ranges. The measurement range of UVC ultraviolet radiation meter LS126C is 0-20000uW/cm2. If it exceeds this range, the Linshang LS125 ultraviolet radiation meter + UVC probe can be considered.