Temperature Compensation Function of Linshang LS192 Glossmeter

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Since the launch of the Linshang LS192 glossmeter, the data can be compared with BYK gloss units. In this industry, the German BYK gloss unit is famous. It is the leader of the gloss meter industry. Its performance is top-notch, of course the price is very expensive. But Linshang technology devoted to develop cost-effective glossmeter for customers.

LS192 glossmeter

There are many people who consult the glossmeter everyday. We will introduce the relevant features of the glossmeter to the customer. 
    One of the most distinctive functions is the temperature compensation function. The luminous efficiency of the LED light source changes with the changing of the ambient temperature, especially in the autumn and winter. The temperature difference between morning and evening, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large. So when the ambient temperature of the glossmeter changes, the instrument will automatically adjust the lighting effect of the light source according to the ambient temperature, so that the test data will not be wrong. In short, after the instrument is calibrated at a fixed ambient temperature, the gloss meter can be tested without recalibration when the temperature rises or falls.
    For example, the
Linshang LS192 gloss meter is calibrated in a 20 degrees environment. The gloss of a tile is 17.3GU. When the temperature rises to 30 degrees, the instrument can be tested without calibration. The data is still the same as the data tested at 20 degrees. 
Linshang LS192 glossmeter can be used for a long time without calibration for each test. This is the unique temperature compensation function of the Linshang glossmeter LS192.
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