Linshang LS125 Multi-probe UV Radiometer

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UV radiometer LS125 is an UV light meter that can identify and connect 9 probes with different wavelengths and different measuring ranges. Customers can choose different ranges of probes according to the needs of the industry.

    Many customers just need a UV radiometer to detect a single band, such as hospital germicidal lamp, that is, need to use LS126C UV radiometer; UV curing industry uses UVA light source for curing, so they need to use LS120 UV Energy meter or LS128 UV energy meter.

    However, some industries need to detect multiple ultraviolet bands, such as the welding arc industry and the environmental testing industry. The main frequency of welding arc is 365nm in the UVA band, 290nm in the UVB band and 254nm in the UVC band. The environmental detection is mainly to detect UVA and UVB in sunlight. 

    We also have professional instruments for these industries that need to measure multiple bands. The LS125 multi-probe UV radiometer uses a host probe plug-in design. The instrument can connect and identify 9 different probes with different spectral response bands. The models and profiles of the 9 probes are as follows:

  1. UVC probe, suitable for UVC intensity and energy detection for high-power germicidal lamps.

  2. UVC-LED probe, suitable for the UVC irradiance and energy testing of 220nm-320nm UVC LED light source.

  3. UVB probe, suitable for the detection of the intensity and energy of each UVB light source such as 297nm, 308nm, 313nm.

  4. UVA probe, suitable for 365nm high pressure mercury lamp intensity and energy detection in curing, exposure industry.

  5. UVA-X1 probe has a spectral response of 260nm-400nm, which is suitable for UV aging test and UV intensity and energy detection in solar light.

  6. UVA LED probe for UVA LED surface light source intensity and energy testing in the UV curing industry.

  7. UVA LED - X1 probe, with the 1mm test aperture, it is suitable for the intensity and energy test of UVA LED point source in the UV curing industry.

  8. UVA LED - X3 probe for intensity and energy testing of low power UVA LED sources, the resolution is 0.1μW/cm.

UV radiometer

Customers in the welding arc industry can choose LS125 UV radiometer + UVC probe + UVB probe + UVA-X1 probe, as well as customers in the environmental testing industry can choose LS125 UV radiometer host + UVA-X1 probe + UVB probe.
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