UV LED Puck Developed for Measuring LEDs

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UV LED puck (UV energy meter) is used to measure the UV energy of different light sources, especially for printing machines. Ensure that the process of printing and drying achieves ideal quality control.  UV LED light sources and high pressure mercury lamps are most commonly used in the curing and printing industry. Dedicated UV pucks shoud be used based on different response spectrum of these two light sources.

The Ultraviolet Energy Meter LS128, which is professionally used for UV LED light source testing, is the world's first UV Energy Meter designed specifically for UV LED. The instrument can display UV light intensity, energy, test time and working temperature of the curing machine. Next, we will introduce why do we choose LS128 to measure the UV LEDs.

The 395nm UV LED Energy Meter LS128 has the following advantages:

1. Multi-data measurement

General Ultraviolet Energy Meter can only test a single energy value, but the UV LED puck LS128 is a multi-function UV LED energy meter, it can not only test the energy value of the UV LED light source, but also test the radiation intensity, measurement duration. 

2. Display the temperature and intensity value graph

The only one in the industry can display the measured temperature and intensity values through the graph.

UV radiometer temperature and power graphs
UV radiometer temperature and power graphs

3. Built-in timer

LS128 UV LED puck can accurately record the curing time and we can set the longest test time into 32 minutes.

4. Built-in large-capacity memory

UV LED radiometer LS128 holds a large-capacity memory function, can record nearly 60,000 power data, 3800 temperature data.

5. A larger measuring range

Spectral response range: 340-420nm, range: 0-20000mW / cm2. It can be used to test the energy and intensity of UV LED light sources of 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm with temperature values.

6. Connect to PC and print test report

This ultraviolet energy meter can be connected to the PC through the USB interface to read test data, view the intensity and temperature curve. You can also download the data and print a test report.

If you want to know the details about the UV energy meter operation, working principle, unit conversion, please read "UV Energy Meter Operation,Principle and Unit Conversion".



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