UV LED Energy Meter LS128 Dedicated to UV LED Detection

Time:2019/06/28 16:17:00 Browse:773

The UV LED Energy Meter LS128 independently developed by Linshang Technology is an UV energy meter specially used for UV LED light source detection. Currently used in the curing industry are mainly 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm UV LED light sources. The response spectrum of this UV LED energy meter is 340nm-420nm, and the spectral response curve of the UV energy meter is shown in the figure below. The instrument is highly responsive to 365-405nm UV LED sources and can test a wide range of UV LED sources in this spectral range.
    At present, most of the UV energy meter on the market are designed for the spectral curve of high-pressure mercury lamps, which mainly respond to ultraviolet light at 365 nm. With the popularity of UV LED light sources, more and more companies are seeking such as an instrument for UV LED light sources to test the light source inside the curing machine.

UV LED energy meter spectral response curve

Linshang Technology UV LED Energy Meter LS128 can simultaneously measure the intensity, energy, temperature and test time of the UV lamp in the curing oven, and can display the intensity curve and temperature curve. In addition, you can connect to the computer software to print test reports, the instrument is very powerful. 

Because the current measurement of UV LED light source does not have a unified standard in the world, manufacturers of all major UV LED Energy Meter use their own standards. Data between different brands of instruments cannot be compared, so data stability between different instruments of the same brand is an important criterion for UV LED Energy Meter.