How to Measure UV Light Intensity of Germicidal Lamps?

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UV-C germicidal lamps are used in hospitals, drug regulatory bureaus, epidemic prevention bureaus, pharmaceutical companies and other industries. The UV light intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the main influencing factor of the sterilization effect. How to measure UV light intensity of germicidal lamps?

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are sterilized by a 254nm low-pressure mercury lamp, which is often used for disinfection of a certain space or a certain material, but the intensity of the ultraviolet light source will be attenuated with the use time, and when the UV light intensity is lower than a certain value, the UV lamp will not have a bactericidal effect, and the UVC-specific UV-C light intensity meter can be used to detect the intensity of the UV-C lamp.

We recommend a good UV-C light intensity meter for everyone.

The LS126C germicidal lamp-specific UV-C light intensity meter is an instrument that can pass the inspection by any national metrology institute in China. The instrument is equipped with a 1 meter long hook that can be hung directly under the germicidal lamp for measurement. According to Chinese national disinfection technical specifications, the direct ultraviolet lamp with a power of 30W in use needs to be greater than 70 uW /cm2 to be qualified (hang vertically 1 meter below the tube), if below this standard value, the UV-C lamp needs to be replaced.

UV light intensity meter

After starting the test, the instrument can automatically calculate the maximum, minimum and average values of the irradiance data, and measure the measurement duration. The instrument also has a light intensity curve display function. By viewing the light intensity curve, the user can analyze the change trend of the light intensity after the germicidal lamp is lit. After all the tests are completed, you can connect the instrument to the computer software and print a test report.

The above is the answer to the question about how to measure UV-C light intensity of germicidal lamps. 



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