UVA Light Measurement Equipment

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Need help with the UV light measurement? We provide UV light measurement for different wavelengths such as UVA, UVB and UVC. No matter you need to detect the UV irradiation intensity of the LEDs or high pressure mercury lamps, you will find an UV light measurement device suitable for you in Linshang. In this paper, UV measurement devices used for UVA light sources are introduced.

1. UVA light radiation intensity application and measurement

(1) UVA light application

Long-wave UVA, with a wavelength between 320 and 400 nanometers, is also called long-wave black spot effect ultraviolet rays. It has strong penetrating power, can penetrate glass, even 9 feet of water. At the same time, it can activate tyrosinase, leading to instant melanin deposition and new melanin formation, making the skin dark and lacking luster. It can be used to make insect trap lamps. UVA ultraviolet rays with wavelengths of 300-420nm can pass through a special colored glass tube that completely cuts off visible light and only emit near-ultraviolet light centered at 365nm, which can be used for ore identification, stage decoration, currency verification and other places. UVA LED light sources are widely used in exposure machines, curing machines and 3D printing.

(2)UVA light measurement

Linshang Technology provide various UV light meters for UVA light sources measurement. For the specific UV meter selection, please see the table below:

Model Spetral response Application Test hole
LS125 host+UVA-X0  315-400nm UV light intensity and energy test of
high pressure mercury lamp
LS125 host+UVA-X1 260-400nm UV light intensity and energy test of
UVA light sources
LS125 host+UVALED-X0 340-420nm UV light intensity and energy test of
LED area light sources
LS125 host+UVALED-X1 340-420nm UV light intensity and energy test of
LED point light sources
LS125 host+UVALED-X3  340-420nm UV light intensity and energy test of
small power UVA LED light sources
LS126A UV light meter 340-420nm UV light intensity and energy test of
UVA LED light sources in narrow spaces
Small probe of
7.2mm width

From the above table, we can see the application difference of these UV light measurement devices. LS126A UV measurement device has ultra small probe of 7.2 mm width which is designed for UV light source intensity test in narrow spaces. It is especially used in UV curing industries. And the size of the probe can be customized according to the customer's test conditions.  (Customized probe size must be larger than the default probe size). Comparing with the LS125+UVALED-X3 UV light meter, LS126A has larger power range.

UVA meter
UVA meter

2. UVA radiation intensity online measurement

If you need to measure the UVA  radiation intensity online, LS129 UV online detector is also your best choice.

Probe Model LS129-UVALED LS129-UVA LS129-UVC
Spectral response 340nm-420nm,calibrated at 395nm 315nm-400nm,λp =365nm 230nm-280nm,λp =254nm
Power measurement range 0-20000 mW/cm² 0-2000 mW/cm² 0-20000 μW/cm²
Energy measurement range 0 - 4 × 109 mJ/cm² 0 - 4 × 109 μJ /cm²
Resolution 1 mW/cm² 0.1 mW/cm² 1μW/cm²

 The above are Linshang UV light measurement equipment used to test UVA light sources. If you want to know about the UV light meter designed for UVB and UVC light sources,  you can read "How to Select the Best UV Light Meter For Your Application?"



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