UV Power Puck for UV Curing

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UV curing technology is commonly used in: UV curing of electronic parts and optical parts, UV curing of coating agents, UV curing of coatings and printing inks. We recommend customers to use UV puck to detect cured light sources. Linshang technology has developed UV puck for sale.

To increase the curing efficiency, the source intensity, temperature, power and irradiation time of the UV curing machine also need to be considered. So choosing the right parameters is one of the prerequisites for curing.

UV puck for curing machine

So how to judge whether the various factors of the curing machine are up to standard?

UV puck can measure the UV energy, intensity and temperature of different sources. It is especially suitable for printing machines to ensure ideal quality control during printing and drying.

Linshang Technology has been working on the precision research of UV puck for sale. The LS128 and LS131 UV puck can be used to test energy, power, temperature and time of UV LED light source at the same time.

UV Power Puck

1.The first UV power puck for testing UV LED
2.The first UV power puck with 4040W/cm2 measuring range
3.The first UV power puck used to test 340nm-420nm UV LED
Model: LS128



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