Marble Gloss Meter at Best Price in India

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Marble is commonly used in furniture construction, so the requirements for marble gloss are very high. However, the marble gloss will gradually become dim and difficult to recover over time. At this time, we must make maintenance of the marble. The following methods can be adopted:
      Step 1: Scrub with a damp cloth and dry with a soft leather.
      Step 2: Use a neutral, non-abrasive stone cleaner (such as acetone, ammonia cleaner, etc.) to deal with stubborn stains and dry with a soft skin.
    In order to know the marble gloss, we recommend you use the
Linshang L192 marble gloss meter.

LS192 marble gloss meter

Reasons for choosing the LS192 marble gloss meter:
      1. The instrument uses a 60 degree universal measurement angle and an ultra-large range measurement of 0-1000 GU.
      2. The instrument meets the requirements of the first-class working machine and can be measured by any authoritative organization to ensure accuracy.
      3. The instrument has multiple functions: real-time temperature compensation, intelligent statistics and the instrument supports USB data transmission with dedicated computer software.