UVB Radiometer for Sales

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UVB is called the medium wave erythema effect ultraviolet light, which can promote the metabolism of minerals and the formation of vitamin D in the body. Long-term exposure will make the skin tan, red and swollen. UVB is mainly used in UV health lights, medical physiotherapy lamps, plant growth lamps, fluorescent lamps, aging experiments.But, how to detect the power and energy of the UVB light source? The UVB radiometer will help you a lot.

uvb digital probe

Linshang Technology has been focused on the development of a series of UV meters. The LS125 UV radiometer can be equipped with nine probes for different applications.UVB radiometer is a digital probe for professional detection of UVB light source. It is one of the 9 probes of LS125 UV radiometer. The spectral response range is 280nm-320nm. The UVB radiometer is suitable for UVB light source measurement of 297nm, 308, 319 and other wavelengths. For UV meter that can UV-C wavelength, you can read "How to Measure Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity by a UV Lamp Intensity Meter?".



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