Online Monitoring UV Radiometer Puck

Time:2019/07/30 09:04:00 Browse:644

The application of ultraviolet light is very extensive and different wavelengths of ultraviolet light are applied in different industries. For the detection of ultraviolet rays, meters for different wavelengths are required. The UV radiometer puck developed by Linshang technology has always been the most comprehensive in the industry, from short wave 254nm, 297nm, to 365nm, 395nm, 420nm, etc., However, these seem to be unable to fully meet the customers’ requirements and some customers also need UV radiometer puck that can be monitored online.


The Linshang LS129 UV Smart Digital Probe is an UV radiometer puck that can be monitored online. The meter can not only test the intensity and temperature of ultraviolet light, but also perform real-time data transmission. Support RS485 communication interface and MODBUS standard communication protocol which can be directly connected to the PLC, human-computer interface, etc.