LS110 Window Tint Detector for Automobile

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The Linshang LS110 window tint detector is an instrument that specifically used to detect the transmittance of automotive glass. This instrument is recognized by many car inspection stations. Recently, due to the new regulations of small-size car windshield light transmittance in Shenzhen, many car inspection stations have purchased many LS110 window tint detectors. The split window tint detector adopts the white light waveband, the spectral range is 380nm-760nm conforming to conforming to the CIE photopic vision function standard.

LS110 window tint detector

LS110 Window Tint Detector

This LS110 window tint detector is designed as split type. This meter has characteristics such as simple measurement, fast anti-interference ability, high measurement accuracy, large LCD display for easy photo taking and so on.
      1. Split design and simple operation.
      2. Strong anti-interference ability: Adopt three-way visible light source, the display value is the average value of three-way measurement data.
      3. High measurement accuracy: The measurement accuracy of the light transmittance meter is better than ±2%. 



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