Gloss Meter Measures iphoneX Surface Gloss

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  Linshang technology as a gloss meter supplier has invented two different gloss meters .The  LS192 gloss meter is a 60-degree instrument for gloss paint inspection of paints, decorative materials, building materials, plastic materials, ceramics, etc. The measurement range is 0-1000GU and the indication error is 0-100GU: ±1.5; 100-1000GU: ±1.5% reading
   The Iphone x has a new glass cover on the back for a higher gloss. Using the instrument for the gloss analysis, the gloss meter can be used to measure the gloss value of different positions of the mobile phone glass back. The glossiness of the mobile phone glass back can be quantitatively measured and analyzed by the gloss of different points.

192gloss metet test the Iphone back

Linshang LS192 gloss meter measures the IphoneX glass back

The data will immediately be displayed during the measurement, if you want to preserve the data just press the button. The meter can totally save ten groups of data.



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