Safety Glass Thickness and Glass Thickness Gauge

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  As the name implies, the glass thickness gauge is an instrument for detecting the glass thickness. No matter what the glass is, where it is used. The country has stipulated the safety glass thickness. Then when testing these glasses, you need a glass thickness gauge.
digital glass thickness gauge is an instrument designed to measure the glass thickness.

Thickness  Maximum area 
Tempered glass 4
Laminated glass 6.38 6.56 7.52 3.0
Ultra-clear float glass

Linshang laser glass thickness gauge adopts the optical reflection principle to measure the glass thickness on one side of the glass. This glass thickness gauge is used for places where vernier calipers can not be used; For example, the measurement of the architectural laminated glass (insulated glass) thickness.
     Linshang glass thickness gauge can measure not only the thickness of the glass on both sides, but also the thickness of the middle air layer when measuring laminated glass.
      The thickness of the safety glass is specified to prevent potential dangers caused by cutting corners.



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