The Difference between UV Light Meter Uva/b/c and Ordinary Illuminance Meter

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 Is the UV light meter uva/b/c and the illuminance meter the same thing? The answer is no.
     Ultraviolet radiation is mainly used to measure the radiant energy density of ultraviolet rays, that is, the radiant energy per square centimeter. Instruments commonly used to measure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation are called UV light meter uva/b/c. The unit of study is generally μW/cm2 or mW/cm2. Linshang Technology has developed a series of UV meters, including UV light meters and UV power puck for the curing industry. The UV light meter uva/b/c including LS126A, LS126C, LS129, LS125. LS126A is used for measuring UVA LED and LS126C is suitable for measuring sterilizing mercury lamp in hospitals, disease centers. 

126c UV light meter

A general illuminance meter (or lux meter) is generally an instrument that specifically measures luminosity and brightness. That is, the ratio of the luminous flux obtained on the object surface to the illuminated area is also called a lux meter or a visible light illuminometer. The unit is 1 Lux = 1 Lm/m2.
   These are two different instruments. The
UV light meter uva/b/c is used to measure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and the illuminance meter is used to measure the illumination of visible light. If you want to know more about UV light meter, you can contact us!



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