UV Lamp Intensity Meter with Small Probe

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Linshang LS126A UV lamp intensity meter is a professional instrument for detecting UVA LED light source. The probe of this instrument is only 7.2mm, the aperture diameter is only 3mm. The acquisition speed can be as high as 2000 times/second and it also has intelligent statistics function.
   This UV lamp intensity meter has several advantages:

1. Ultra small probe-7.2mm

Many UV lamp intensity meter probes are in the shape of a round cake. If it is a very small space, it is difficult to put the probe inside the light source for detection. The LS126A UV lamp intensity meter probe is only 7.2mm. Suitable for the narrow space.

2. Test aperture-3mm

Usually, the round-shaped probe test aperture is about 10mm and the LS126A UV lamp intensity meter test aperture is only 3mm. If you use an LED point light source, if the spot is smaller than the test hole, the detected data is definitely unstable. So a light hole smaller than the spot diameter is needed for testing.

126A UV lamp intensity meter

3. Fast sampling speed + intelligent statistics function

The sampling speed of the LS126A UV lamp intensity meter is as high as 2000 times per second. The ultra-fast sampling speed makes the data measured by the instrument more stable. And the instrument also has intelligent statistics function, which automatically calculates and displays the power maximum, power minimum, power average, power real-time and energy value of the test data.