What's the Difference between the New and Old LS125 UV Measurement Device

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The upgrade of Linshang LS125 UV measurement device has been completed. The new version has adopt advanced digital probe technology, data acquisition and data processing will be finished in the probe, so it has higher precision and better anti - jamming ability, and the function will be more powerful.

What are the differences between the upgraded and old LS125 UV measurement device? 

1. More probes are available

Before the upgrade, 7 probes can be selected to match the LS125 UV measurement device, but now there are 9 probes. Two new probes are UVCLED probe and UVALED-X1. UVCLED are especially for the intensity and energy measurement of UVC LED. UVALED-X1 is especially for UV LED of point light source, its test aperture is 1mm.

2. All the probes can display energy and intensity

The old version only have two probes can display energy values: E365 and E395. After the upgrade, all the 9 probes can display energy values. 

3. The units are optional

Before the upgrade, the unit of each probe is fixed, in order to meet the needs of different customers, now the meter can switch units. Users can choose the appropriate power unit according to the power of the measured light source. When the power unit is switched, the energy unit also switches automatically. 

4. Data statistics function

The old version can only record real-time power and maximum power, but now the upgraded LS125 UV measurement device can record the maximum value, minimum value, real-time value and average of power/intensity, it’s convenient for users to analyze the data. 

5. Appearance and price changes

The material and size of the host UV measurement device and probes have changed. The price of the probes have been raised, but the price of the mainframe has been lowered. 

Linshang technology is constantly upgrading products in order to meet the needs of more customers and industries. The upgraded LS125 UV measurement device will replace the old version, and the old version has been discontinued. 

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