Is It Useful to Buy a Used Car Paint Measure Tool?

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1. Why do we use car paint measurement tool?

car paint measurement tool
car paint measurement tool

It is useful to buy a used car paint measure tool. Automotive paint are mostly based on steel and aluminum (ferrous and non-ferrous substrates). The tool determine whether the car has been repaired by measuring the car paint film thickness. Why is it useful?  Let's take a look at the reason. The car paint measure tool is an instrument that effectively detects the thickness of automotive paint. What is the measurement principle of the car paint measure tool? How did it test the car paint thickness?

2. Car paint measurement tool measuring principles

Magnetic measuring principle:

The most commonly working principles adopted on the domestic and international markets are magnetic and eddy current methods. Generally speaking, the base of the car paint surface is mainly metal. The metal is divided into two materials, such as magnetic and non-magnetic. For a magnetic metal substrate, it can be judged by a magnetic method. Simply put, a piece of aragonite is used. The thicker the coating on the magnetic substrate, the weaker the magnetic properties. And the thinner the coating, the stronger the magnetic properties. In this way, the thickness of the coating is judged. 

Eddy current measuring principle:

For a metal substrate that is not magnetic, an electromagnetic field is created by the probe and an eddy current is formed when the probe with the magnetic field approaches the coated metal substrate. The coating has a resistance to eddy currents. The thicker the coating, the greater the resistance. The thinner the coating, the lower the resistance. In this way, the thickness of the coating is judged.

car paint measurement tool measuring principles
car paint measurement tool measuring principles

When the car needs a sheet metal painting in the event of a collision, it is first to restore the deformed part of the car through the sheet metal process and then putty on the paint. When the putty is too thick, the coating will be very thick, too. That is to say, the data measured by the car paint measure tool is relatively large. When the polishing is excessive, the coating is too thin, that is, the data measured by the car paint measure tool is relatively small. Therefore, when the user uses the car paint measure tool to measure the car paint film thickness, the data is relatively small. It indicates that the car may have been repainted. It is also possible that the parts have been replaced and of course the data mentioned above is relative. Generally, the paint film thickness of the roof is taken as a reference value. Therefore, car paint measure tools are useful. 

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