UV Light Integrators For Different Curing Light Sources

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UV lamp is mainly applied in industries such as UV exposure, UV glue curing, UV ink curing, UV digital printing, optical communication, UV 3D printing and so on. The UV light integrator is a high-quality instrument for detecting the power and energy of UV lamps. According to the light source, it can be divided into UV light integrator for high pressure mercury lamp and UV LED. Different industries have different requirements for curing light sources. Some industries use high-pressure mercury lamps as curing sources and some use UV LED as curing sources.
     1) Characteristics of high pressure mercury lamp UV light integrator;
      The spectral response curve conforms to the curing band of high pressure mercury lamp 
      Meet national standards and ensure Chinese national measurement
      The high-pressure mercury lamp
UV light integrator is further divided into instrument that can only test the energy and instrument that can test both energy and power. Many instruments on the market can only measure the energy value. The LS120 and LS130 UV light integrators specially developed by Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. are two instruments specially designed for measuring high-pressure mercury lamps. The LS120 UV light integrator can measure energy, power and temperature. The LS130 can measure energy and power.

LS120 UV light integrator

2) Features of UV LED light integrator
      The spectral response curve conforms to the curing band of the UV LED light source.
      There are not many instruments on the market that can measure UV LED light source. UV LED currently do not have a uniform national standard. Linshang Technology has developed two instruments for UV LED to meet the market demand - LS128, LS131. LS128UV light integrator is the world's first UV light integrator for UV lamp exposure, spectral response range 340nm-420nm. This instrument can test UV LED lamps in various wavelengths such as 365nm, 385nm, and 395nm. It is the first choice for
UV curing light integrators.