Features of Spot Light Source UV LED Radiometer

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Linshang LS125+UVALED-X1 UV LED Radiometer is designed for spot light source, what are the characteristics of this instrument?

The UV LED radiometer is mainly used to measure the UV energy value accumulated by the UV lamp over a certain period of time, and the LS125+UVALED-X1 UV LED radiometer is a UV light meter designed for the UV LED spot light source.

UV LED radiometer

I. What is the UV LED spot light source?   

UV LED light source is an emerging UV lamp for curing, which can be divided into spot light source, line light source and plane light source. The development of UV LED light sources in the curing industry has also promoted the emergence of LED-specific radiometer, including spot light source UV LED radiometers.

II. Why it is necessary to use the spot light source specific UV LED radiometer?

Most current UV LED radiometer are designed for mercury lamps and LED plane light sources, such as the LS120 and LS128 UV radiometer, which have a measurement aperture of 10mm. However, the UV radiometer measures the intensity value and energy value per unit area, which means that if the diameter of the light source is too small, the spot light cannot cover the test hole of the entire probe, and the data tested is definitely small. In addition, the built-in filter and the light source itself cannot be completely uniform, and the movement of the test position will also affect the test data.
    Therefore, measuring a UV LED spot light source requires the use of a professional UV LED radiometer for spot light source. Linshang LS125 UV radiometer equipped with UVALED-X1 probe is a professional spot light source UV LED radiometer, the test aperture is 1mm.

III. The features of UV LED radiometer LS125+UVALED-X1:

  1. The spectral response range is 340-420nm and it can be used to test any UV LED source in the 365nm to 405nm range.
    The intensity value measurement unit of LS125 UV LED radiometer has three options, namely mW/cm2, W/cm2, W/m2, and the user can set the corresponding unit according to the measured light source intensity to facilitate reading and recording.

  2. The probe of the spot light source UV LED radiometer has a test aperture of 1mm and can be used to test LED spot light source and line light source.

    UV LED spot light source probe

  3. The UV LED radiometer has a data statistics function. In addition to measuring the energy value, it can also record the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value of intensity and measuring duration. Through the data recorded by UV LED radiometer, the user can comprehensively analyze the light source.

IV. UV LED radiometer recommendation

1mm test hole is more suitable to measure UV LED spot light source
Spectral response: 340nm-420nm, calibrated with 395nm UV LED
Power measuring range: 0 - 20000mW/ cm²
Price: $412
Model: LS125+UVALED-X1
Suitable for the intensity and energy measurement of UV LED curing machine
Spectral response: 340nm-420nm, calibrated with 395nm UV LED
Power measuring range: 0 - 20000 mW/ cm²
Price: $412
Model: LS125+UVALED-X0

       Of course, in addition to the above characteristics, the spot light source LS125+UVALED-X1 UV LED radiometer developed by Linshang Technology also has a wide measuring range, high-speed sampling, and good reproducibility and consistency, is a professional and a reliable UV measuring instrument.

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