What is the UV Energy Tester?

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UV curing is a committed step in industrial production. The UV energy tester is an indispensable device in the curing industry. It can bring great convenience to curing. Today will take you to understand what the UV energy tester is.

UV energy tester

UV is the abbreviation of the word "ultraviolet", so simply the UV energy tester is an ultraviolet detection instrument. At present, UV energy testers are commonly used in industrial equipment such as UV curing machines, and UV exposure machines in the curing, drying, exposure and other industries, the UV energy is too low or too high, which may lead to an increase in the defective rate of finished products. Therefore, we need a UV energy tester to control the UV energy value required during the process, so that the finished product can achieve the desired effect.
    With the upgrading of various industrial equipment, testing equipment is constantly upgrading. Nowadays, the UV energy tester is not only used to detect the UV energy value. For example, many Linshang
UV energy meter can now detect UV energy, UV intensity, temperature and measurement duration, display power curve and temperature curve. Some also have intelligent data statistics function, which can calculate the maximum value, minimum value, real-time value, energy value, measurement duration and so on.

UV energy meter

In addition to the functional upgrades, the current UV energy tester can also be divided into mercury lamp-specific and LED-specific UV energy testers according to the type of light source, and even UVB and UVC-specific energy tester testing equipment.
    The development of UV energy tester also brings some confusion to the customer's selection. If you have any questions, please consult our technical staff, we will help you find the most suitable equipment.