High Temperature Resistant Ultraviolet Energy Meter

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As for the current high-temperature resistant ultraviolet energy meter on the market, the brand and variety of ultraviolet energy meters are varied. Because the material of the instrument is different, it determines the high temperature resistance of the ultraviolet energy meter. In addition, the quality of the instrument is also an important factor in determining whether the ultraviolet energy meter is resistant to high temperatures. For example, some ultraviolet energy meters use components of poor quality and the components will be necrotic when the temperature is slightly higher, resulting in the poor performance of the instrument. However, if high-quality electronic components are used, the ultraviolet energy meter can still work normally in a slightly higher temperature environment. Two factors will affect the high temperature resistance 
     1.The LS120 and LS128 of Linshang Technology are two ultraviolet energy meters respectively dedicated to mercury lamps and LED lamps. Because these two instruments can measure temperature. And the temperature measurement range is -55 ° C - + 125 ° C. Linshang high temperature ultraviolet energy meter can be operated for a long time at a high temperature of 100 °C.
     2.The user manual of the KREVOR UV150 energy meter clearly stipulates that the maximum temperature of the instrument is +70 °C.
     3.Germany UV150 exposure machine dedicated ultraviolet energy meter manual clearly states that the UV energy meter's working temperature is 0-+70 °C. Therefore, the ultraviolet energy meter does not work properly when the temperature is over 70 °C.
    4.The operating temperature of Germany Kunast UV150 high temperature resistant ultraviolet energy meter is 0-70 ° C, high temperature environment is 110 ° C. If the working time exceeds 10S, the instrument will not be able to use normally.

high temperature resistant ultraviolet energy meter

5.Germany UV-DESIGN new UV150 energy meter instructions have stated that the maximum working temperature is up to 120 ° C
   6.Japan's ORCUV-351 exposure machine dedicated energy meter specification specified temperature working range is 0-60 ° C
   7.The US EIT brand four-band UV Power Puck II energy meter specification states that the internal operating temperature of the instrument is 0-75 °C. The outside of the instrument allows high temperatures for a short period of time. When the external temperature reaches the external limit of the instrument's temperature, the instrument's alarm will sound.
   The above is the high temperature resistant performance of most instruments on the market. And we will these knowledge will help you.