How to Choose a Suitable UV Radiometer Puck?

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There are many kinds of UV radiometer pucks on the market, such as American EIT, German Kuhnast, UV-DESIGN and Japanese ORC. How do we choose the right one from many UV radiometer pucks? The choice of UV radiometer puck can be judged from three aspects: the type of UV light source to be tested, the function of the UV radiometer puck and the cost-performance ratio of the instrument.1. According to the type of UV light source, the UV radiometer puck is mainly divided into two categories. 

1. UV radiometer puck for mercury lamps and UV radiometer puck for LED lamps. The mercury lamp is used for curing in the band of 365 nm, while the mercury lamp-specific UV radiometer puck has a spectral response range of 315-400 nm. The spectral response curve is a relatively steep mountain shape. UV LED lamps can be used in the curing industry in a variety of wavelengths. The UV radiometer puck for LED lamps has a spectral response range of 340-420 nm and the spectrum response curve is trapezoidal. LED lamps of various wavelengths such as 365nm, 385nm, and 395nm can be tested.  If you want to know how to calculate UV energy, please read "How to Calculate UV energy and intensity by UV integrator?".

UV energy meter

Therefore, when measuring the mercury lamp with the LED-specific UV radiometer puck, in addition to measuring the peak wavelength of the mercury lamp at 365 nm, it is also possible to test the ultraviolet energy of other bands emitted by the mercury lamp. Therefore, when choosing a UV radiometer puck, you must choose the UV radiometer puck that suits you according to your own UV light source.

2. You should also pay attention to product features when choose a UV radiometer puck. The product features of the excellent UV radiometer puck are relatively complete. 

For example, if you have intelligent data statistics, you can measure the maximum power, real-time value, energy value, and measurement duration. It also displays power graphs and temperature dashed lines, and equipped with PC software. Users can print out test reports or graphs according to their needs. A good mercury lamp UV radiometer puck has a test power range of 0 - 2000 mW/cm2 and an energy test range of 0 - 999999 mJ/cm2. A good LED UV radiometer puck has a test power range of 0 - 20000 mW/cm2 and an energy test range of 0 - 999999mJ/cm2.

UV radiometer puck

3. We need to consider cost-performance ratio when purchasing a UV radiometer puck. At present, many brands of UV radiometer pucks perform well in terms of product performance, but the price is generally higher. For example, the price of EIT UV Power Puck II is basically more than 2,000 US dollars, while the price of Linshang UV Energy Meter is only 442 US dollars. The most appropriate choice can be made by considering cost-performance ratio.



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