Germany Kuhnast and UV-DESIGN UV150 UV Integrator

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The commonly used UV integrators in Germany mainly includes: Kuhnast UV150 UV Integrator, UV-DESIGN UV150 UV Integrator, West tier 150 UV integrator and so on. Today we will make a simple comparison between the two instruments of the Kuhnast UV150 UV Integrator and the UV-DESIGN UV150 UV Integrator to see what the advantages and disadvantages of the two instruments are:

First, the comparison of parameters:

Model  Kuhnast UV-150 UV-DESIGN UV-150
Power measurement range 0-5000mW/cm² 0-5000mW/cm²
Energy measurement range  LCD 0-999999 mJ/cm² 0-999999 mJ/cm²
Power supply  Lithium battery 3.6v Lithium battery 3.6v
Spectral response  250-410nm ,λp = 365nm 250-410nm
Working temperature 0-70 degrees, high temperature 100-110 degrees no more than
10 seconds, special temperature needs to be customized
120 degrees
Dimension (D*H) 90mm*12mm (D*H) 90mm*12mm
Weight 150g 140g

The UV-DESIGN UV Integrator is lighter than Kuhnast and the working environment temperature is slightly higher. The Kuhnast UV integrators are mainly used in UV coating plants, PCB manufacturing, luminaire manufacturing, furniture home improvement, automobile manufacturing, shoemaking processes, electronics factories, glass processing, precision optics, photovoltaic power plants, etc. The UV-DESIGN equipment is suitable for UV energy detection of UV dryers, exposure machines, conveyor belts, UV lamps, UV curing machines and other equipment.

KUHNAST UV-150 UV integrator
KUHNAST UV-150 UV integrator

Second, the contrast between the different points of the two German UV150 UV Integrators:

The UV-DESIGN UV-150 can withstand temperatures up to 120 ° C for no more than 10 seconds. The normal operating temperature does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. The value of the received UV energy is calculated by accumulating the increase in the amount of light and power during the exposure period. Different readings may occur due to uneven radiation distribution of the UV source and different types of equipment. Therefore, the UV-DESIGN UV150 is suitable for using in the same environment. In order to maintain the function and accuracy of the instrument, the instrument needs to be calibrated once in a year. The instrument also needs to be calibrated after replacing the battery.

UV-DESIGN UV integrator
UV-DESIGN UV integrator

The Kuhnast UV150 UV Integrator can stand temperature of 70 ° C in factory and temperature of 110 ° C on the conveyor belt for no more than 10 seconds. Moreover, the instrument cannot be shaken frequently and the instrument does not have an automatic shutdown function. When you are finished using it, you need to close the instrument in the box in time. Do not look directly at the UV light source during the measurement to avoid the skin being exposed to strong light. And the front LCD screen of the Kuhnast instrument can't be placed directly in a strong light or high heat environment.

The above are the same points and different points of the two instruments. Users can choose appropriate UV energy measuring tool according to their own needs.



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