LS129 Online UV Intensity Meter

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The Linshang LS129 Online UV Intensity Meter is an ultra-small UV intelligent digital probe that can be used in a variety of applications where real-time monitoring of UV power values and energy is required. It has a standard RS485 communication interface and a MODBUS communication protocol. It can communicate directly with PLC, man-machine interface, computer and other equipment to realize real-time data acquisition and monitoring.

According to the UV spectral range and application industry tested, three different LS129 Online UV Intensity Meter have been developed:
      1. LS129-UVALED, mainly used for surface light source intensity and energy measurement of UV LEDs used in the curing industry
      2. LS129-UVA, mainly used for high pressure mercury lamp strength and energy measurement in the curing industry
      3. LS129-UVC, mainly used for strength and energy measurement of 254nm UV germicidal mercury lamp

LS129 Online UV Intensity Meter

Communication parameters of Linshang LS129 Online UV Intensity Meter

1. Communication protocol: LS129 Online UV intensity meter supports the standard MODBUS protocol. The probe measurement data can be read via the communication protocol and the communication address and baud rate can be set.
2. Baud rate: The default baud rate of the UV digital probe is 9600bps. The baud rate can be modified by the "human-machine interface debugging tool" or communication protocol. The optional baud rate is 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400.
3. The default communication address of the LS129 UV digital probe is "1". The probe communication address can be modified by the "human-machine interface debugging tool" or communication protocol. The address setting range is 1-247.
4. Probe wiring: The probe wiring of LS129 has shield ground wire, positive and negative power cable, RS485-, RS485+. If you need to connect to a computer, you need to connect RS485 to RS232 or RS485 to USB adapter.

Linshang LS129 online UV intensity meter  features

  1. The instrument is small in size, and the detector is fixed on the controller by screws, and can be separated or combined according to the needs of the customer. Installation is very convenient.

  2. It adopts ultra-wide DC power supply, which is convenient for industrial use.

  3. Equipped with a high temperature line of 200 ° C.

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